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Planet Minigolf cheat codes Playstation 3 cheats

Planet Minigolf cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 3

 Planet Minigolf cheats

Playstation 3
 Date: 2011-03-02
 Submitted by: Abby

  Planet Minigolf cheats

Planet Minigolf Trophies
Complete the following tasks to unlock the listed PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Pioneer (Bronze trophy):
You have played 10 Custom Holes or Custom Courses with less than 10 plays.

Hole Creator (Bronze trophy):
Publish a custom hole created by you.

Heating Up (Bronze trophy):
You have won all Warm-Up Courses.

Contender (Bronze trophy):
Participate in a Weekly Tournament.

Secret Knowledge (Silver trophy):
Scored a hole-in-one on a custom course with a Par of at least 5.

Pro Golfer (Silver trophy):
You have won all Pro Courses.

Designer (Silver trophy):
Had a hole rated at least three stars after 100 plays.

Criticist (Silver trophy):
Reviewed 100 custom courses.

Champion (Silver trophy):
You have won all Extreme Courses.

Goofball Guru (Gold trophy):
You have won all Wacky Courses.

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