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Flight Control HD cheat codes Playstation 3 cheats

Flight Control HD cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 3

 Flight Control HD cheats

Playstation 3
 Date: 2011-02-24
 Submitted by: Abby

  Flight Control HD cheats

Flight Control HD Trophies
Complete the following tasks to unlock the listed PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

Safety Card (Bronze trophy):
Red the game tutorial.

Rush Hour (Bronze trophy):
Landed five aircraft within 10 seconds.

Jet Power (Bronze trophy):
Landed 10 jets in a game.

Holding Pattern (Bronze trophy):
Keept the same aircraft in the sky for three minutes.

Helicopter Love (Bronze trophy):
Landed three helipoters in a row.

First Flights (Bronze trophy):
Landed an aircraft on each airfield.

Centurion (Bronze trophy):
Reached 100 'Total Aircraft Landed'.

Perfect Timing (Silver trophy):
Landed three aircraft at the same time.

Restrainer (Silver trophy):
Landed no aircraft for 3 minutes.

Crowded Sky (Silver trophy):
Reached twenty 'Most Aircraft on Screen'.

Veteran (Silver trophy):
Played 200 games in total.

Wings (Gold trophy):
Landed 200 aircraft in a game.

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