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dot.hack cheat codes Playstation 2 cheats

dot.hack cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 2

 dot.hack cheats

Playstation 2
 Date: 2003-07-23
 Submitted by: zoth
 Total views: 11628
 Yesterday views: 81

  dot.hack cheats

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4 Piney Apples, 3 Snaky Cactuses, and 12 Golden Eggs.

Poison Grunty requirements:
4 Piney Apples, 3 Snaky Cactuses, 1 Immature Egg, and 11 Golden Eggs.

Rare items:
These keywords give you unique items:

Soul Blades & Ceramic Helm
Go to Theta. Use the Keyword: "Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy"

Rusty Nail & Kagayuzen
Go to Delta. Use the Keyword: "Voluptious Her Remnant"

Ice Bar:
Go to Delta. Use the Keyword: "Hideous Organ Market Scaffold"

Hidden characters:
Sanjuro Find his sword in Delta:
Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder after reading his message on the board

Natsume Gott statue in Delta:
Raging Passionate Melody after reading her message on the board

Gardenia Bring a letter to her in Theta:
Soft Solitary TriPansy after reading Gardenia's fan club message on the board

Difficult levels
Go to the Chaos Gate then type any of the keywords bellow:
LEVEL 22: "[ all data]"
LEVEL 25: "Collapsed pagan march"
LEVEL 26: "Caressed silent melody"
LEVEL 24: "Quite gluttonous fiery sands"
LEVEL 27: "Lonely hot-blooded sunny demon"
LEVEL 30: "Lonely hot-blooded melody"

Elk: Best weapon:
Starstorm Wand, along with two Rainbow Cards

Monieur level ups:
If you go to the Spring Of Mist, Monsieur will ask if you dropped a Silver Axe or a
Golde Axe. If you say "Neither" he will either decrease or increase the level of the
weapon or piece of armor. The weapon or armour level increase or decrease depends
on the atmospheric conditions:

Weapon E.:: Armor Effect :: Atmosphere
+2 level :: -1 level Afternoon
+1 level :: +1 level Evening
+1 level :: +1 level Night
+2 level :: -1 level Clouds
-1 level :: +2 level Rain
-1 level :: +2 level Thunder
-1 level :: +2 level Snow
Submitted by Moxy

Unlock Parody mode
Finish the game once

Easy way for completing special trades:
There are some trades that require specific items, such as Tim wants 10 sports
drinks for the Thunder Cloak, or someone wants 10 golden and sliver axes. Well,
go to a dungeon that has the same element as the item you need increases.
Cooked Bile: Darkness, Sports Drink: Thunder, Pure Water: Water,
Well Water: Earth, Burning Oil: Fire, Holy Sap: Wood.
Enter the dungeon in that area and find a room with a lot of breakables, like
warriors bodies and eggs. When you find that item, go i out then back in to get a
desired amount of the power up. Then find that person you want to trade with
and do it. Submitted by: aximalli

Innis Strategy:
Use Blackrose, Kite, and Elk. When you get there, issue the skills command,
so Blackrose does heavy blade skills. Then issue first aid to only Elk.
Constantly replenish Elk's SP with Mages souls.
Use Ap Do or a speed charm on Kite and attack Innis with skills, as it has no
elemental weakness. Innis has attacks that will damage and affect your
characters, so have an antidote/restortive ready. Eventually, Innis will be at
Protect Break, data draining this monster gets you Segment 1.
The drained Innis has the same skills, but only 3000 hp.
Issue skills and finish off Innis. Submitted by: aximalli

Gruntie food (all delta server):

Go to putrid talisman pilgrimage for La pumpkin
word C: aquafield for madragora
word C: holyground for white cherry
word A: solitary for piney apple

Go to noisy corrupted mach for grunt mints
word C: sea of sand for oh no melon
word C: sunny demon for snaky cactus
Submitted by: Mimirou

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