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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheat codes Playstation 2 cheats

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 2

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheats

Playstation 2
 Date: 2007-10-04
 Submitted by: Mizmark
 Total views: 76552
 Yesterday views: 290

  Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheats

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Card Passwords
Push R3 at the "Build Deck" screen and enter an 8 digit password:

Password - Card:
37689434: Exodia's Head
53297534: Mirror Wall
73153736: Slate Warrior
86985631: Meteor Dragon
92886423: Goblin Fan
054TC727: Tactical warrior
0HNFG9WX: Gravity Bind
2H4D85J7: Seiyaryu
69YDQM85: Mimicat
81EZCH8B: Dragonseeker
8HJHQPNP: Harpy's Feather Sweep
8TETQHE1: Royal Decree
A5CF6HSH: Left Arm Of Exodia
AH0PSHEB: Swordstalker
CZ81UVGR: Swordsman From A Foreign Land
CZN5GD2X: Blast Sphere
E5G3NRAD: Elf's Light
EKJHQ109: Ancient Tree Of Enlightenment
GME1S3UM: Magician Of Faith
GTJXSBJ7: Barrel Dragon
JXCB6FU7: Aqua Dragon or EKJHQ109
N1NDJMQ3: Mystical Capture Chains
N54T4TY5: Birdface
NVE7A3EZ: Fairy's Gift
QXNTQPAX: Beast King Of The Swamp
S14FGKQ1: Horn Of The Unicorn
S5S7NKNH: Robotic Knight
SBYDQM8B: Change Of Heart
SRA7L5YR: Crush Card
UMJ10MQB: Black Hole
UMQ3WZUZ: Serpentine Princess
Y34PN1SV: Earthshaker
YBJMCD6Z: Greenkappa
YF07QVEZ: Fairy King Trusdale
yf25tr8h: Meteor B. Dragon
b6fjko98: Blue eyes ultimate dragon
AYD245D9: All yu-gi-oh cards

This trick u need two memories cards for ps2 fight 5 battles and when the
resurrection appears press L 3 and save to 2 card and go to the trade screen
and trade the new cards only and repeat the same steps too gain more cards
but don't save over the first card are u are going have too fight five more
Submitted by: dj23v@aol.com

Map Edit Mode
In a custom battle if you beat the white and the red rose story modes
you will unlock map edit mode.

Two square terrain field boost
If a monster gets a terrain field boost turn it face up and it will go two squares
instead of one.

Wow Warrior = Aqua + Warrior
Wood Remains = Zombie (ATK 1000 or less) + Plant
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Thunder Dragon + Thunder Dragon
Thunder Dragon = Dragon(ATK 1600 or less) + Thunder (ATK 1600 or less)
Thousand Dragon = Time Wizard + any Dragon (ATK 2400 or less)
Tatsunootoshigo = Beast + Fish
Sword Arm Of Dragon = Warrior + Dinosaur
S. Dragon = Dragon + Rock
Rose Spectre of Dunn = Bean Soldier + Plant
Red Eyes B. Metal Dragon = Red Eyes B. Dragon + Metalmorph
Red Eyes B. Dragon = Tyhone #2 + Koumori Dragon
Queen Of Autumn Leaves = Plant + Plant
Punished Eagle = Warrior + Winged Beast
Pumpking = Zombine (ATK 1100 - 2000) + Plant
Pumpking = Zombie + Plant
Nekogal #2 = Beast + Female
Misairuzame = Machine + Fish
Minomushi Warrior = Rock + Warrior
Meteor Black Dragon (3500/3000) = Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon
MetalZoa = Zoa + Metalmorph
Metal Fish = Misairuzame + Machine
Metal Dragon = Dragon + Machine
Magical Ghost = Spellcaster + Zombie
Koumori Dragon = Dragon + Fiend
Harpie's Pet Dragon = Any Dragon + Harpie Lady
Flame Swordsman = Any Pyro + Warrior
Dragon Zombie = Dragon + Zombie
Dark Elf = Gemini Elf + Dark Spellcaster (ATK 1500 or less)
Cyber Soldier = Warrior + Machine
Cyber Saurus = Dinosaur + Metal
Crimson Sunbird = Warrior + Winged Beast + Pyro
Clown Zombie = Crass Clown + Zombie
Celtic Guardian = Fairy + Warrior
Bracchio-Raidus = MegaZowler + Behegon
Blackland Fire Dragon = Dragon + Spellcaster
Black Skull Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Summoned Skull
Black Meteor Dragon (3500/3000) = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon
Black Dragon Jungle King = Dragon + Grass
Bean Soldier = Warrior + Plant
Aqua Dragon = Kairyu-Shin + Aqua
7 Colored Fish = Fairy + Fish
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon = Dragon + (Grass, Thunder, Rock, Zombie, or
Machine) + Thunder Dragon

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