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Suikoden 3 cheat codes Playstation 2 cheats

Suikoden 3 cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 2

 Suikoden 3 cheats

Playstation 2
 Date: 2004-10-14
 Submitted by: zoth
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  Suikoden 3 cheats

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Unlock Luc's storyline:
Get all 108 stars.

Easy Potch #1:
Go to the Trading Post at Brass Castle and purchase an Ancient Text for
1,000 Potch. After, go to the trading post in Vinay del Zexay and resell
it for minimum 20,000 Potch.

Easy Potch #2:
Purchase a Crystal Ball here for under 100 Potch, after resell it at
Duck Village for more than 8,000 Potch.

Keep Stat Stones:
Save your progress. After, use any Stat Stones you have. After, unequip your
armor, and die. Select to not give up. When you restart from the last place
you saved, you will have kept the stats. You will get back your Stat Stones

Win the lottery:
Before you play in lottery, save the game. After buy lots of tickets.
If you lose, load back your game and try again.

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