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Jak 2 cheat codes Playstation 2 cheats

Jak 2 cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 2

 Jak 2 cheats

Playstation 2
 Date: 2007-10-04
 Submitted by: Abby
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  Jak 2 cheats

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Infinite Orbs
For any Underground Orb mission, if you grab the Orb at exactly 0:00, you'll get
a "Mission Failed" and also the 3 Orbs you won. If you choose to try again, you
can do this over and over and keep obtaining 3 more Orbs.

Unlock cheats:
Get the indicated amount of orbs during game play:

5 orbs - Toggle Jak's Goatee
15 orbs - Mirror World
30 orbs - Big head mode
45 orbs - Small Head Mode
55 orbs - Scrap Book
65 orbs - Scene Player Act 1
75 orbs - Vulcan Fury Course
95 orbs - Scene Player Act 2
105 orbs - Peace Maker Gun Course
125 orbs - Scene Player Act 3
135 orbs - Reverse Races
145 orbs - Level Select
155 orbs - Infinite Ammo
165 orbs - Infinite Dark Jak
175 orbs - Invulnerability
200 orbs - Hero Mode *

*Hero Mode will allow you to begin a new game with all 4 morph gun

Different scrap book:
Collect 200 orbs in Hero Mode.

New bar decorations
Finish the game, and then return to the saloon

Blaster combo:
When you have the Blaster rifle and have it equipped, use the punch attack
(Square) on an enemy, then quickly shoot (R1). Jak will knock the enemy in the
air and finish it with a strong rapid fire.

Spinning rapidfire blaster combo:
When you have the Blaster rifle and have it equipped, jump (X) then when in the
air, spin (Circle) and fire (R1) while spinning in the air. Jak will start shooting
rapidly while spinning. Use this to easily kill a group of enemies when surrounded.

No time limit:
Pause the game, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 and Enter Up, Down, Left, Right
Submitted by: braydenwan

Press Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right
Submitted by: braydenwan

This is not really a cheat but did you know that their is a higher jump than a
crouch jump? This jump is a little difficult but it does work. All you have to do is
find any spot in the game with a lot of room and do a roll jump and as soon as
you touch the ground, press x. If you do this right, then you shall see how high
you can jump with this undiscovered move.
Submitted by: Kingsluver92

Unlimited orbs:
Press pause and Press Circle, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Up
Submitted by: siaquinta

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