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Ace Combat - Distant Thunder cheat codes Playstation 2 cheats

Ace Combat - Distant Thunder cheats and cheat codes for Playstation 2

 Ace Combat - Distant Thunder cheats

Playstation 2
 Date: 2003-11-01
 Submitted by: Asima
 Total views: 2523
 Yesterday views: 36

  Ace Combat - Distant Thunder cheats

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This game other title is Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies

Unlock Expert mode:
Finish the game in hard mode

Unlock Ace mode:
Finish the game in expert mode

3 bonus multi-player level:
Finish the game on any difficulty mode.

Eject from plane before you are shot down:
Hold L1 R1 L2 R2 all at the same time

Master Code:
Press UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, CROSS while holding R2 and L2.

Unlock free mission mode:
Play any mission from the game.

Secret Modes:
Play on any difficulty level. Finish the game by completing all 18 mission,
after save. Load back the your saved file to unlock the following new options:
Special Continue, Free Mission, Trial Mission, Scene Viewer, Music Player.

Unlock Alternate jet colors
Shoot the jets down in combat to unlock jets and their alternate colors.
Every jet has 3 alternate colors.

Locations of Ace pilots:
Mission 1: F-5, north of the Allied airbase
Mission 2: A-10, north of the enemy airbase
Mission 3: F-16, south of the westernmost radar station
Mission 4: Mirage 2000, northwest of the westernmost radar jammer
Mission 5: MIG-29, south of the westernmost pumping station
Mission 6: F-14, north of the northenmost group of enemies
Mission 7: TND-IDS, north of the solar tower
Mission 8: F-18, after refueling the ace will appear to the east
Mission 9: F-15C, north of the center beach
Mission 10: RF-01, northwest corner of the map
Mission 11: SU-35, ace appears with about 90 seconds left for the mission
Mission 12: F-2, north of the Stonehenge base
Mission 13: F-15E, after clearing the radar balloons the ace appears in the east
Mission 14: F-22, northeast of the map
Mission 15: EF-2000, center of the map
Mission 16: F-117, northwest of the westernmost combat zone
Mission 17: F-15A, northwestern corner of the map beyond the city
Mission 18: S-37, north of megalith

X-02 Color Schemes:
To get the first color scheme for the bonus aircraft, the X-02, reach "S"
Ratings on all missions in hard mode, either in Story or Free Mission mode.
For the second color, finish the game and reach "S" Ranting on all missions
in the Expert mode.

Trial mission mode:
A new mode which let you play Score Attack or Time Attack mode.

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