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Zoo Tycoon 2 cheat codes PC cheats

Zoo Tycoon 2 cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Zoo Tycoon 2 cheats

 Date: 2005-05-24
 Submitted by: Hunter

  Zoo Tycoon 2 cheats

Saving money:
You can get trees and other stuff for free any zoo mode (campaign, challenge,
and freeform). Most zoos should have already existing trees, flower beds,
benches, etc. at the start. Left click on the item you want and move it to
where you want it.

Double money at start in challenge mode:
In challenge mode, place the pointer over the "Up" button hat increases your
money, but do not click on it. Press the UP key on the keyboard
to increase your money twice as fast.

Recycle bins:
Maintenance workers do not pick up recycle bin trash. You must do this yourself.

Faster run:
Hold [Cursor Forward] + Left Mouse Button or press [Up] + W in Zoo Guest mode.

Super fast run in Zoo Guest or Zookeeper mode:
Hold [Shift] + [Forward] (or W) + Left Mouse Button.

Unlock African theme:
Finish 5 photo safari challenges.

Unlock Jungle theme:
Finish 5 game challenges.

Unlock Mysterious Panda campaign:
Finish all missions in the Conservation Programs campaign.

Unlock Sundial statue:
Finish all missions in the Prevent Animal Abuse campaign.

Unlock Globe statue:
Finish all missions in The Globe campaign.

Unlock Gilded Panda statue:
Finish all missions in The Mysterious Panda campaign.

Unlock Flower post:
Finish all missions in the Zookeeper In Training campaign.

Unlock Flower arch:
Finish all missions in the Troubled Zoos campaign.

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