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X-COM - UFO Defense cheat codes PC cheats

X-COM - UFO Defense cheats and cheat codes for PC

 X-COM - UFO Defense cheats

 Date: 2005-03-30
 Submitted by: Melan

  X-COM - UFO Defense cheats

Level skip:
Press [Ctrl] + C or [Ctrl] + G while in the battlescape
screen to complete the current level with the results of
the previous level.

First of all, beat misson. then the end of the month send
skyranger-1 to go fight in the terrist misson. When u start
the mission, press ctrl+c. this will end the terrorist mission
and give u the same results as the last mission. Then, goto ur
base and in he spot 1 of ur interrceptor was is a craft that
looks like a fire storm but small. This ship can hold 576 men,
462 weapons, and has 250% fuel and tons of armor.But be worned,
once u get the "weapon-1", small ufo's will become super strong,
but with less men inside. When u click on the "super ufo" it has
he words "the only true threat to the x-com in the galaxy.
Civilization on earth is doomed" and soom other jiberish.

Save Elerium:
When you finish building a new ship, load it with the weapons
(Plasma Beam for both weapons is recommended). When it is fully
charged and ready for flight, transfer it to another base.
When it gets to the base, immediately send it out on patrol.
Click the ship and you will see that its fuel is 0%. That means
it will not run out of fuel. Make sure that when you send the
ship out on patrol, send it to the opposite side of the planet
or a long way from your base. This allows you to catch the ship
after it attacks the enemy before it can return to base.
This is best done with the FireStorm craft. They are cheap and
quick to build. The firepower is just as good as the Avenger,
which cost lots more and takes longer to build.

Free manufacturing:
Select the item to be manufactured, but assign no engineers and
leave the number to produce at zero. Then, assign as many engineers
as desired but only manufacture one item.
Use tanks with this trick to easily make money.

Playing Tip:
Before finishing a mission, be sure to unload all
weapon clips (including those found on aliens).
If you don't, any loaded clips will be lost and

Always do terror sites during the day:
When you target a terror site or crashed UFO with a ship, it does not disappear,
giving you to get to it. If a terror site is in the darkness, send Interceptors one
after the other to it. Hopefully, enough time will have passed to get the terror or
crash site in the daylight.

A simple way to avoid night time terror missions is knowing that as long as the
terror site is targeted, and whatever has it targeted is moving towards it when the
hour changes, it will stay there forever. For example, if you need to buy yourself a
few hours before it is light out at the site, put your Skyranger on patrol. A few
minutes before the hour ends, target the terror site again. Then as soon as the
hour changes go back on patrol.

Extra money:
Start a new game and build a base. Save it, and exit the game. Open the game
folder and you should see folders named "GAME_1" to "GAME_10". These are the
saved game folders. Enter the saved game folder that corresponds to the game
that you saved. The order of the saves is the same as in the game ("GAME_1" is
at top, etc.) After you open the folder with your save, make a back up of
the "LIGLOB.DAT" file. Then, open the original "LIGLOB.DAT" file with a text
editor. You will see some encrypted data. Press [Enter] so that text jumps to line
two and line one is clean. Then, enter FF FF 7f in the line one over the encrypted
data and save the file. Then, start the game, load your saved game, and enter
your base. You should now have $1,713,399,398.

Secret Transport
NOTE: This involves copying files from one save game to another; this trick has a
very high chance of corrupting your game.

The craft.dat file has not merely your current craft in the hangar, but lists the
aircraft in the air as well (including UFOs). The "cleanest" craft.dat file (the least
possibility of it corrupting a game), is to have two Fighters and one Skyranger in
your hangars, with no UFOs in the air. Save the game and take that craft.dat file.

The craft.dat file not only records the aircraft in the air and in storage, but also
what is loaded into the aircraft. Load a Skyranger with 80 items and you
can "transfer" the items by copying that craft.dat file into the save game that you

80 Mindprobes will net you about 2.4 million dollars through their sale. This is also
a good way to get extra clips or blaster/stun bombs if you are running short.

Keppin mind that UFOs always show up in the game, so try not to do this trick
often, or you will corrupt your game when a UFO (or one of your own) aircraft is in
the air when you do this file swap.

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