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Windows cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Windows cheats

 Date: 2002-07-09
 Submitted by: Dimu

  Windows cheats


Just for fun :

Try this naughty trick on your friends PC. Close all
the open applications. While you are on the Desktop,
press Print Sceen key. Open Paint and then paste the
captured image. Save it as BMP, right - click on the
desktop and change the wallpaper to the newly saved image.

Go to the "Web" tab of the Display propeties dialog and
turn on Active Desktop. Make sure that the "Hide icons
when desktop is viewed as Web-page" is turned on. From
now on, your friend wont be clicking an application icon
on the desktop, just a picture of it. See their face when
thet happened! :-)

Just for fun 2 :

Open MS DOS Promt and then go to the C:WindowsDesktop
directory. Normally you only need to type CD DESKTOP and
press enter. Type (for exemple): MD 2002 VIRUS .Use the
space bar between MD and 2002, but between 2002 and VIRUS,
hold down ALT key and enter the number 255 on your numeric
keypad. This will create the space character that cannot be
removed from Windows shell (Explorer). Thats it. Now wait
until you see your friends face when they cannot remove that
"Virus" folder from desktop.

Just in case your friend panic and ask you for help to
remove that "Virus", here are the steps: repeate the
above steps but use the RMDIR (Remove Directory) command
instead of MD ( Mke Directory ) :-)

Restart link on your Desktop:

To create the Restart link on your Desktop do this:
Right click on Desktop and create link for
C:WindowsRUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindowsexec.
Use the space between RUNDLL.exe and user.exe,exitwindowsexec.
Now you can restart you PC not from start menu...

Shut Down link on your Desktop:

To create the Shut Down link on your Desktop do this:
Right click on Desktop and create link for
C:WindowsRUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindows.
Use the space between RUNDLL.exe and user.exe,exitwindows.
Now you can Shut Down you PC not from start menu...

Windows cheat:

this is a system cheat.
now follow this steps
first create new shortcut.

& at the end of the line add this
' user,exitwindows'

so it will look like this

C:WINDOWSRUNDLL32.EXE user,exitwindows

when you run this file your computer will be
shutdown without asking you.

Windows cheat:
every time when you are asked for restarting your
computer or when you want to reboot or restart your
computer(opearating system must be windows:any version)
just keep 'shift' key pressed & click on restart option
& then press 'ok'.
only windows will be restarted.

you won't get any startup options.

but you must keep pressed 'shift' key..

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