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WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos cheat codes PC cheats

WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos cheats and cheat codes for PC

 WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos cheats

 Date: 2004-05-31
 Submitted by: bzmot

  WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos cheats

Warcraft 3 - Reign of Chaos

Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the message dialog box.
Type the following codes in the box, then press [ENTER] again to
activate. If successful, the message "CHEAT ENABLED" will appear
on the screen.

While playing the game, press [enter], type the code
below, and press [enter] again.

Code - Result:
WarpTen - Speeds construction of buildings and units
IocainePowder - Fast Death/Decay
WhosYourDaddy - God mode
KeyserSoze [amount] - Gives you X Gold
LeafitToMe [amount] - Gives you X Lumber
GreedIsGood [amount] - Gives you X Gold and Lumber
PointBreak - Removes food limit
ThereIsNoSpoon - Unlimited Mana
StrengthAndHonor - No defeat
Motherland [race] level] - level jump
(i.e. 'motherland human 04' will jump you to campaign level 3)
Note - The level number must include interludes.
So, to get to Human 9, you must actually type 'motherland human 12'
since there are 3 interludes in that campaign.

SomebodySetUpUsThBomb - Instant defeat
ItVexesMe - Disables Victory Trigger (You can't win the mission/game)
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs - Instant victory
WhoIsJohnGalt - Enable research
SharpAndShiny - Research upgrades
IseeDeadPeople - Remove fog of war
Synergy - Disable tech tree requirements
RiseAndShine - Set time of day to dawn
LightsOut - Set time of day to dusk
TheDudeAbides - Fast cooldown
DayLightSavings [time] - If a time is specified, time of day is

Your and allies heroes are level 10 - ihavethepower
20 footmen - lamisilat

In the second Night Elf mission in the campaign mode (Chapter 2: Daughters of
the Moon) you can find a Hydralisk at the top of the map, slightly to the left of the
top right fountain of life. The easiest way to find it is to create an owl scout and fly
it up towards the fountain and then move left along the top of the map until you
see it.

Tips on the game:
When you use the cheats "leafittome(amountoflumber)", "greedisgood
(Amountlumberandgold)", "warpten", "keysersoze
(amountgold)", "thereisnospoon", these cheats go to the computer as well as you.
So, be careful what you cheat for. These are some other cheats:

To type a cheat, push enter while playing a game and a small window at the
bottom of the screen will come up. Type your cheat there, and if it was right, a
note saying "Cheat Enabled" on the bottom left corner of the screen will appear. A
cheat with parentheses indicates that you have to write the parentheses and the
number inside it.

What you type What it does
leafittome(#) Gives you # of lumber
greedisgood(#) Gives you # of lumber and gold
keysersoze(#) Gives you # of gold
lightsout Turns to night
riseandshine Turns to day
pointbreak Removes food limit
iseedeadpeople reveal map
thereisnospoon Unlimited mana
whosyourdaddy Maks YOU invincible, not allies

Freeze time:
To freeze time enter the code 'daylightsavings[time]'. If a time is specified, it will
freeze time in that time area.

Animal kill:
Keep clicking the mouse over the animals and they will eventually explode.

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to see a 20
second clip of StarCraft 2 running under the WarCraft 3 engine.

Funny comments:
Keep clicking the mouse over various units to hear funny comments. For example,
click on the riflemen enough and he will quote Fat Bastard and say "Get in mah
belly!"; the mortar teams say "Tassadar has failed us. You must not." (a phrase
from Starcraft).

The goblin demolition crews quotes Beavis from Beavis And Butthead by
saying "Are you threatening me?"

An acolyte for the Undead will say "All I see is darkness; Oh wait my hood is
down." An Orcish grunt will say "Quit poking me" and other phrases that consist
with you poking him.

Click on certain human units and they will quote Monty Python And The Holy Grail
with comments such as "She's a witch!"

Repeatedly click the Pitlord and he will start an interview.

Hint: Change background of the Night Elf join campaign screen:
During the Night Elf campaign, while on the join menu (where an archer is standing
on the left and missions on the right), press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch to the Windows
desktop, then repeat to return to the game. What was once a background during
the night has turned into day.

Hint: Pirates:
Play the first mission of the Prologue. Enable the iseedeadpeople code, then look
at the island at the top of the map to find some pirates guarding "phat lewt".

Hint: Fight Club reference:
Play Chapter 1 of the Undead campaign. In the main town area after you get your
shade, you can find two civilians named Robert and Tyler fighting against each
other with a large crowd watching.

Hint: Rurouni Kenshin reference:
Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. Go slightly to the right of the bottom left
corner to find a farmer named Kenshin. This is a reference to the main character
of Samurai X and Rurouni Kenshin.

Hint: Panda bears:
Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. Enable the iseedeadpeople code. Look at
the left edge of the map until you find a waterfall. Have a unit go to the waterfall.
You have to clear a path through the trees by attacking them. When you get to the
waterfall, you will find the secret Pandaren relaxation area and see a photo of two
panda bears.

Hint: Tichondrius as a sheep:
In Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign, enable the iseedeadpeople and
whosyourdaddy codes then check the map. Go slightly to the right so that if you
face your enemies, it will die quickly. Go slightly down and to the right to find a
sheep named Tichondrius.

Hint: Pendent Of Energy:
Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. After you get the remains of the dead
Necromancer and a short intermission sequence plays, enable the iseedeadpeople
code. Look for a very big Granite Golem just south of the first river you see. He
will drop the Pendent Of Energy when defeated. He is difficult, but it is worth the

Hint: Goblin telescope:
Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. There is a barn in the bottom left of the
map. There are some sheep there. If you make them explode by clicking, one of
them will leave a Goblin Telescope. To reach it, all you have to do is gain access to
the site by chopping the trees nearby.

Hint: Random treasure in Undead Campaign:
Play Chapter 1 of the Undead campaign. Along the path toward the bottom middle
of the map, (just before entering the heavily guarded town), you will notice that
there are three horses surrounded by a wooden fence. There seems to be no way
of reaching them. Go around and defeat the two guards (Footman and Knight)
standing in front of the building next to that "horse corral", and destroy the
building next. It will take a bit of time, but when it is destroyed, kill the horses and
a treasure will appear.

Hint: Robe Of The Magi:
In Chapter 5 of the Night Elves campaign, "Brother's By Blood," the first main
quest's path has many mushroom trees where the river separates the land
masses. In the bottom right of the land you are first on, do "Force Of Nature" on
the mushrooms and send them to fight the skeletons. Move on until you see
another mushroom group in the bottom right as well. Do the same spell and move
onto the small circle. Then, kill the Death Revenant and Skeletons to receive the
Robe Of The Magi, which gives a +6 bonus to intelligence.

Hint: The Shrine of Uberfish:
In Chapter 5 of the Night Elves campaign, "Brother's By Blood," there are two
main quests. The first is awakening the Druids of the Claw. In the second, freeing
Illidan Stromrage, is where this secret is located. First, enable the iseedeadpeople
code reveal the entire map. In the underground prison compound, you will see two
circles of power behind some trees the patrolling guards. Send Whisperwind to the
big circle, transporting her to the Shrine of Uberfish, which contains a Mantle Of

Hint: Sasquatch:
Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. Knock down the trees in the curve in the
path which leads to the Rogue Wizard. A path to the left will lead to an intermission
featuring the Sasquatch and Elder Sasquatch. Note: The Elder Sasquatch will leave
behind a Claws Of Attack +6.

Hint: Ring Of Protection +2:
Play the "Trudging Through the Ashes" mission in the Undead campaign. At the
land where you get the Shade, is a blue barracks guarded by two knights. Kill both
of them and destroy the barracks. Then, kill all the riderless horses. One of them
will drop a Ring of Protection +2.

Hint: Hungry Hungry Hippo spoof:
Play Chapter 7 of the Orc campaign. Your Tauren units will eventually encounter a
large salamander named "Hungry Hungry Lizard". Watch him as he eats the large
patch of mushrooms nearby. After he is finished, he will explode, opening a path
that leads to the Lion Horn of Stormwind.

Hint: Ghosts:
Play Chapter 1 of the Human campaign. Take Arthas to the graveyard toward the
east part of the map at night. Villagers and sheep that you killed will reappear.

Hint: Book of Sam:
When using the Humans in a custom or campaign game, the hero paladin carries a
book of spells with him. This is what he looks at as he casts Holy Light. Zoom in
fully on the book while performing the spell, and the name "SAM" can be seen.
Note: Timing is important, but mainly keep watching the screen.

Hint: Timmy the ghoul:
In Chapter 1 of the Human campaign, you can save Timmy from gnolls. In
Chapter 4 of the Human campaign. after your defeat the first undead town you
encounter Kel Thuzad. When the intermission ends, go to the lower path and you
will see a cage. Attack the cage and a ghoul will appear, but not attack. Look at
the ghouls name to learn that it is the same Timmy that you saved. Kill the ghoul
to get a random item.

Hint: Bracer Of Agility:
At the start of Chapter 3 of the Human campaign, after you obtain Jaina, go east
and kill the Ogres. Click rapidly on the sheep that the Level 5 Ogre Mauler was
guarding. It will eventually explode and drop a Bracer Of Agility.

Hint: Maul Of Strength:
On Chapter 3 of the Human campaign follow the road up until you reach the
bridge. When Archilles says you must find another way, go up the path to the east.
Follow it up until you reach the Murlocs. Keep going up until you kill the entire band
of Murlocs in that small area. You will notice only one Murloc Hut. Destroy it and
you will get a Maul Of Strength.

Hint: Extra footmen:
In Chapter 5 of the Human campaign, use one of your men to go down to the
southern path where you came from. You will find three extra footmen that will aid

Hint: Talisman Of Evasion:
Play Chapter 6 of the Human campaign (where Mal'ganis is killing the
townspeople). Find the zoo in the west part of the map. Repeatedly click on the rat
with the special name (has 100% evasion) until it explodes.

Hint: Largest Panda Ever:
Play Chapter 5 of the Night Elf campaign. Go as far right as possible in the cavern
when you begin. Search for a group of mushrooms on the right side that have a
skull and bone in the ground in front of it. Turn back if you hear the Priestess
comment about the demon bile, as you have passed it. Use Force Of Nature on the
mushrooms to open a path that is littered with bones. Bring units into the to start
an intermission sequence and The Largest Panda Ever will appear and attack.
Defeat it to get a Necklace Of Spell Immunity.

More units in Undead campaign:
Click on an animal until it would normally explode. It will instead turn into a unit.

Hint: Build army of heroes:
In Chapter 5 of the Undead campaign, Fall Of Silvermoon, you are able to create
an army of heroes (maximum is usually 3). You must complete the optional quest.
First, destroy Sylvanas' base leaving at least one Human Peasant alive. After the
outro sequence, you can build Banshees. Create one, and send her to the Mana
shrine in the middle island so that she can quickly gain 250 Mana. Then, command
her to take control of the Peasant. Build a Town Hall and upgrade it to a Castle.
Then, build an Altar Of Kings. You may now build as many heroes as desired, as
long as your upkeep can support it. [Screenshot]

Hint: Build other race's units and buildings as Undead:
Play the Undead in a custom or multi-player game. Use a Banshee with the Posses
ability to take over a Peasant or Wisp. This gives you the ability to build that race's
units and construct their buildings. This also gives you access to train their heroes.

Use an Undead Banshee or a Dark Ranger to convert a Peon, Peasant, Wisp, or
Acolyte to your side. You can now make their buildings and create their units and

Use the Banshee's ability to posses others or the Scepter Of Majesty to control
another species' Peasant, Wisp, Acolyte, or Peon. Once their unit that constructs
buildings is captured, enable the whosyourdaddy code to make yourself invincible.
You can now use that basic unit that you have controlled to build another type of
building. Note: The Altar of another player that you built will not create their
heroes. Also, if you have controlled the undead and your ground is covered in
blight, if you build a human building on it, it would turn into dirt.

Hint: Protect your base from ground units as Undead:
Start off by creating Shades as soon as the game begins. Have them at the
entrance to your base and stand their ground. Since they are invisible, no one can
kill them and ground units will be able to get by them. This also works with
trapping Heroes. Surround a hero and he will be stuck.

Hint: Find enemy easily as Undead in multi-player mode:
To find an enemy easily without them knowing, play as the Undead and create a
Banshee. Try to find a sheep or a pig. Use Possess and you will have control of the
animal. They are slow, but if you walk it into an enemy's base, they will think it is
a regular sheep or pig.

Hint: Easy Infernal Golem kill:
In campaign mode, Infernal Golems count as summoned unit (even though they
do not die due to time limit). Thus, you can use magic such as Dryad Abolish Magic
to kill them easier.

Hint: Delay Archimonde's ascent:
Use the following trick to delay Archimonde's ascent for two to five minutes.
Before Jaina's base gets overrun, maximize your food supply limit with Archers
and station them all on the pathway between Jaina's base and Thrall's base. When
Jaina's base is overrun, and your Archers are in the Undead's attack range,
Archimonde will send wave after wave of Ghouls after your Archers. The large
number of Archers should hold off any Undead attack for a few minutes. If your
used up food becomes less than 30, then retreat all your forces to Thrall's base.

Hint: Mind control:
There is an item called the Scepter Of Mastery dropped by any level 10 Dragon.
Use this to control other races except Heroes andneutral enemies above level 6.
Note: It can only be used three times and by Heroes.

Hint: Build over supply limit as Night Elves:
When you reach the supply limit (90 food), you cannot build any more units.
However, when you build Ancient Buildings, it eliminates 1 food, thus allowing you
to build more units. When you cancel your Ancient Building, you will have your 1
food supply back, getting you over the supply limit.

Hint: Nearly Invincible army for Night Elves:
First, build a large amount of Wisps then make them all into Ancients Of Protection.
Continue to do this as long as desired. Once the Wisps are the Protectors, they do
not count on the food limit. When your army of Protectors is ready, build as many
units as possible and keep them in reserve (preferably the archers). When you are
ready to attack, uproot all of the Protectors you made. Note: This army moves
incredibly slow, and if the other players attack while you are on the move you
probably will not get back in time to retaliate.

Hint: Hiding as Night Elves:
Note: This trick only works at night and for units with the Hide ability (Priestess of
Moon, Archers, Huntress). Use a Ballista (if desired) to knock down trees in a
middle of a forest, then place the units with the Hide ability inside the area of
trees. Block the entrance with Moon Wells. It is possible use Sentinels and the
Scout to see ahead. The forest area should be where the enemy passes. When the
enemy appears, they will get killed by the Archers. If they manage to attack, the
Moon Wells will heal your units. The Huntresses are used mainly for emergency
purposes, such as for units that take down trees and attacks from behind.

Hint: Base defense as Night Elves:
Take any kind of Night Elf base (Tree Of Ages, Tree Of Eternity, etc.) in multi-
player mode and send it to an area where there are a lot of trees. Use the Eat
Tree ability and get in as far as you can without revealing the path to your enemy.
Once your opponent takes out your base, he will give up looking for you. For
better results research Nature's Blessing and make sure you use a Tree Of Ages
that you are expanding with, rather then the one your opponent is using. When
you use the Eat Tree ability, remember to be very discrete so your opponent does
not see it.

Hint: Recommended Hero for Orcs:
Choose the spell casting Hero if possible as your first Hero. His Chain Lightning
spell is very powerful.

Hint: Sorceress transformation:
At the intermission sequence featuring the Archmage and the Prophet, in the
background are two sorceresses floating around. One of them will turn the other
into a sheep.

Hint: Easy zoom:
You can zoom in to a 3D actual view of the world by scrolling up with your center
mouse wheel, then scrolling down to go back to a top view.

Hint: Easy experience:
There are always monsters near your base. Defeat them to gain about 120
experience points.

Hint: Puppy face on Demon Hunter blade:
Zoom in on a Demon Hunter that is facing you and look at his blade. It had a small
puppy face in the middle. [Screenshot]

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