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Project IGI cheat codes PC cheats

Project IGI cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Project IGI cheats

 Date: 2006-04-05
 Submitted by: Abby

  Project IGI cheats

Please understand this !
Eidos has officially announced that there are no programmer codes in this
game. So in other words, you are going to have to complete this game with out
the help of cheat codes.

Cheat Codes (only demo version)
At the main menu, type "nada" to enable cheat mode. Then while
playing a game, enter one of the next codes to get the results:


God mode for player and team - allgod
Infinite ammunition - allammo
Easy mode - easy
Kill enemies - ewww

If you want to kill an enemy but dont get trouble do like this!
Press space and find an enemy about 200m or closer away from you
look at his stumik and press space again. take the wepon AK45 and
just klick one time (just one shot not 2 or 3) (poof) not (trrrrr)
if his dead.... You are good!
I shoot an sniper on 260m 3 times and hi was moving.

When you are in a level, first try to shoot guards from
a distance where they can't see you, because when you go
in, it is a lot easyer! (it works)

When you're at the water tower after you kill the sniper
there is a rope over to the right of where the sniper just
was and if you look up toward's the rope it will indicate
that you can use the rope.

How to stop detection from Security cameras with one bullet.

1. Go to the water tower once you have killed two guys in the
communications room

2. turn off the cammeras in the next room and go up the water
tower.[using the computers and the "shift" key]

3. kill the guy. [he shouldn't see you, just sneek up and knife
him from behind for fun].

4. get his gun and use the scope to find all the camers.[you will
want to turn the alternate fire key to "right click"] {this way
u can use the scope by clicking "right click" and use page up or
down to zoom in and out}.

5. then simply track down the cameras and one shot from the sniper
rifle should blow them up.[or u can shoot the people in the garage
area and the two guards outside there [one in the tower and one
just to the lower right]

6. this way you only have to go back into the room were you turned
off the camers first time, do it again and go around shooting
them with any other gun to blow them up.

Cheat Codes: (Not The Demo)
At the main menu type "node"
When playing the game type - GOD - God mode for player and team
- IFINAMMO - Infinite ammunition
Submitted by: Thacker
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