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Primal Rage [Moves List] cheat codes PC cheats

Primal Rage [Moves List] cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Primal Rage [Moves List] cheats

 Date: 2007-09-19
 Submitted by: 4li3N

  Primal Rage [Moves List] cheats

This is only for version 1.0 of PR for the PC. this may change if
Time Warner makes an upgrade.

Quick finishing move summary:

Armadon : 3
Blizzard: 3
Chaos : 2
Diablo : 2
Sauron : 1
Talon : 1
Vertigo : 2

All special moves are done by holding down buttons 1 and 3
(high quick and low quick) and performing the proper joystick movements
... each move will just list the movements since the buttons are all
the same...

D - Down
U - Up
T - Towards opponent
A - Aawy from opponent

* : finishing move
** : chomp a human


bed-o-nails: d-d-u
iron maiden: a-u-t
rushing uppercut: a-d-t
gut gouger: t-t-a
hornication uppercut: d-t-a
spinning death: t-d-a
flying spikes: a-a-u
Finishing move - gut fling: d-d-d-u
Finishing move - meditation: t-d-t-t
Finishing move - falling spikes: d-a-u-d
**chomp a human: u-t-d


quick mega punch: a-u-t
short megs punch: a-d-t
long mega punch: a-t-t
fake mega punch: d-u-u
cold breath: d-a-t
ice geyser: d-d-u
punching bag: t-d-a-a
throw: t-d-u-a
air throw: buttons 1+3 in air
Finishing move - brain bash: u-t-u
Finishing move - to-da-moon: d-d-d-u
Finishing move - redemption: d-t-u-d-u
**chomp a human: ??


grab-n-throw: t-a-a
slow power puke: u-a-a
fast power puke: u-t-t
fart of fury: d-t-u-a
ground shaker: a-u-d
flying butt slam: d-t-u-d
battering ram: f-f-f
Finishing move - golden shower: d-d-u-a
Finishing move - cannonball: ?? (so far i get it by repeatedly pressing d+u+t)
Finishing move - churl: ??
**chomp a human: t-d-a-u


slow fireball: d-a-a
faast fireball: d-t-t
torch: u-d-d
hot foot: a-d-t
mega lunge: d-u-t
pulverizer: u-t-t
inferno flash: u-u-u
Finishing move - incinerator: u-a-d-d
Finishing move - fireball: t-t-t
Finishing move - infernal: ??
**chomp a human: d-u-d


primal scream: d-u-a
earthquake stomp: u-d-d
cranium crusher: d-u-u
leaping bone bash: d-u-d
stun roar: a-t-t
neck throw: t-a-a
air throw: 1+3 in air
Finishing move - carnage: ??
Finishing move - flesh eating: ??
Finishing move - grape crusher: t-u-d-a
**chomp a human: d-d-u


brain basher: a-u-t
pounce and flip: t-d-d
frantic fury: d-t-a-t
double slash: d-u-t
face ripper: d-d-t
jugular bite: ??
run forward/back: a-a-a or t-t-t (hold in position last time to run)
Finishing move - heart wrenching: ??
Finishing move - shredding: ??
Finishing move - stampede: t-a-u-d
**chomp a human: t-d-a


slow venom spit: d-t-t
fast venom spit: d-a-a
voodoo spell: t-a-a
teleport: d-d-d
come slither: a-a-a
scorpion sting: t-t-d
Finishing move - petrify: ??
Finishing move - shrink and eat: a-a-d-u
Finishing move - la vache qui rit: a-a-d-t
**chomp a human: d-t-u

At the title screen type "qwerty" and while fighting
press Alt-Tab-H for 5 seconds then you will enter cheat mode.

There are 3 secret features, all in 2-player mode.

Play level "THE COVE", with "SUDDEN DEATH" active.
Kick the any humans that appear at your opponent.
When you do this 8 times in sequence, a volleyball-net will appear.
Who-ever has the best score when time is up wins.

Play a level as "ARMADON" and have both players do a "SPINNING DEATH"
at the same time. (Buttons 1 and 4, back, forward, down).
You get 10 humans as pins.

Play level "RUINS" -Level. One players must be "CHAOS". "SUDDEN
DEATH" must be activated. In round 3, have a tie. When the timer
reaches zero, a "FART OF FURY"-cloud must be present.

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