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Pokemon cheat codes PC cheats

Pokemon cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Pokemon cheats

 Date: 2002-07-08
 Submitted by: VRector

  Pokemon cheats

Duplicate Code
First, have 6 Pokemons. Among of them, one is that you want
to copied (you can't copy one with a HM or TM ability), and
the one that is to be overwritten. Place the Pokemon to be
copied at the bottom. Put 5 Pokemon in your PC without the
Pokemon to be multiplized. Take 4 Pokemon of the five from
your PC. Make sure that you have the one to be overwritten.
Place Pokemon to be overwritten at the bottom spot and the
Pokemon to be copied at the top. Push the start button and
go to the items menu. Push select on the 6th item.
Then push the B button twice. Go into a wild Pokemon battle.
When it starts, send out the 6th Pokemon (to be overwritten).
It will then disappear from display. Push the B button and
select run away. Go to the Pokemon Daycare.
The daycare guy will ask you if you want a pokemon back.
Take the pokemon he offers back. It is the same pokemon you
got is the same as the 1st Pokemon.

How to get MissingNo.# 000
First go to Cinnabar Island then trade with anyone in the
Pokemon Lab. Then go to the east of the island and then use
the Surf ability and Surf where the land meets the water.
MissingNo. will appear after a while the battle screen will
appear but will be delayed about 5 sec. Warning: MissingNo.
might mess up your game if it happens Toss MissingNo. the
game will return to normal after that.

Greatball - Masterball Cheat
This is a great cheat to catch all your pokemon.
This cheat allows you to use the Greatball as if it
were the Masterball (100% chance of capturing a wild
pokemon) All you do it hold Up and B just before the
ball lands on a pokemon's head. You should catch a pokemon
if you did this correctly.

How to get 99 of any item
This one requires some work, but you can get 99 of any item
you do it with! First, go to Viridian and talk the the elderly
man that teaches you how to catch a weedle. He will ask you if
you are in a hurry, make sure to respond no. Watch him catch a
weedle. After this, place the item that you want 99 of in your
6th item slot. After this fly to Fuchia city. Now surf the coast
of seafoam, but never get off. Keep surfing until you fight a
pokemon that looks like Missingo, called M. Make sure you do
not capture him, but instead defeat him or run away. Check
out your 6th item, you should have 99 of it!

How to get tons of cash
First go to Cinnibar island. Go to the pokemon lab and trade
with someone. Next move an expensive item, like a nugget or a
Technical machine, near the top of your item list. Next hold
down "A" and surf on the east side of the island, but surf
just on the edge of the island. You should look like half of
you is on the island while the other half is on the water.
After a few seconds you should run into Missingno. Try to
catch one of them during the fights. Now check your inventory.
In front of your ninth item number there should be a little
star. Next go to the pokemart. Press down and try to sell the
item with the star. You should be able to get tons of cash now!

Hard to get Pokemons
#83 Farfetch'd - Have to trade for it
#102 Exeggcute - Find it in Safari Zone
#106 Hitmonlee - Get it as a prize for beating the master trainer
in Fighting Gym at Saffron City
#107 Hitmonchan - Get it as a prize for beating the master trainer
in Fighting Gym at Saffron City
#108 Lickitung - Have to trade for it
#111 Rhyhorn - Find it in Safari Zone
#113 Chansey - Find it in Safari Zone
#115 Kangaskhan - Find it in Safari Zone
#122 Mr. Mime - Have to trade for it
#123 Scyther - Find it in Safari Zone (RED ONLY)
#124 Jynx - Have to trade for it
#125 Electrabuzz - Find it in Power Plant (RED ONLY)
#131 Lapras - Given to you by man in Sliph Co. Tower in Saffron City
(same room as where you fight Gary)
#133 Eevee - Found in room on top floor in Celadon Mansion
#137 Porygon - Buy it in Celadon Game Corner
(much cheaper in BLUE version)
#138 Omanyte - Extracted from Dome Fossil in Cinnabar Island
#140 Kabuto - Extracted from Helix Fossil in Cinnabar Island
#142 Aerodactyl - Extracted from Old Amber in Cinnabar Island
#144 Articuno - Found in Seafoam Islands
#145 Zapdos - Found in Power Plant
#146 Moltres - Found in Victory Road
#150 Mewtwo - Found in Champion's Dungeon

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