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Midtown Madness 2 cheat codes PC cheats

Midtown Madness 2 cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Midtown Madness 2 cheats

 Date: 2004-06-26
 Submitted by: bzmot

  Midtown Madness 2 cheats


While in cruise type in y, then type in Midtowncars.
Go to Quit to race menu, then u should have all cars


When you are driving press "y" and type in the following:

superspeed - this cheat will allow your car to get a boost
of 100 mph when you press v.

Go to Players:
Delete Files (*.sav)
All of cars are Unlock now.

All Cars:

To access all cars remove from your MM2 folder/players/
all files accept one file - players.dir and folders London & SF.

Cheat Menu:
Remember all the cheat menu in Midtowm Madness 1? You won't
need to press Control, Alt, Shift, F7 at the same time.
JUST PRESS "Y" for Midtown Madness 2.

All Cars:
When you are racing type "y". then type in Midtowncars -
then go to end race and when you try to pick a car all of
them will be there.

No Damage:
When you are racing type "y". then type in damagefree -
then go to end race and when you try to pick a car all of
them will be there.

Get Panoz GTR-1:
In the London checkpoint races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place
or get 1st if using professional mode

New Car Textures:
Pick the Volkswagen Beetle Rsi and press [Up] on the color
list while on the top color to see the MS Race texture.

Different Mini Cooper.
In the London Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get
1st if using professional mode

American Lafrance Fire Truck:
In the 5 San Francisco Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd
place or get 1st if using professional mode

Get Aston Martin DB7 Vantage:
Go to the the London Crash Course and get first place.

Alternate Beetle Dune:
In the 5 San Francisco Circuit races get 1st, 2nd or
3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Audi TT:
In the 6 San Francisco Checkpoit races get 1st, 2nd or
3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Alternate Beetle Rsi:
Go to the San Francisco Crash Course and get first place.

Timers Stopped:
While doing any race that is timed you can stop the time
by: pressing F2 and then Q and then Q again. The time will
be paused until you press F2 again. NOTE: There will be no
arrow pointing to the next checkpoint. Do this at the
beginning of the Blitz race or Checkpoint Race or whatever.

Useful hints:
Use the map, Luke. There's no telling what sort of
predicament you'll get yourself into if you don't get
accustomed to glancing at the map all the time.

Map the handbrake to a very convenient joystick button
and acquire enough skill to use it for all your sharp
cornering needs.

The VW New Beetle RSi is a very adept automobile great
through the turns and surprisingly powerful on the straights.
You'll have to unlock it, but the game allows you to do so
early in the proceedings.

Use a manual tranny rather than the automatic, and turn the
rear-view mirror to On.

All races, all cars, and custom cars:
Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Delete the "player0.sav" file in the "players" folder in the
main game folder.

Jump building to building:
There is a building that resembles a mall in the north part of the map. Go in it and
go up the ramp inside to get on top of what looks like a parking garage. As you
turn around the ramp used to up there you will see a steep angled roof. You can
drive up to the very tip of that roof, where you can just fall off or roof jump to
other buildings.

Jump on and over buildings:
Select a fast car such as the Panoz Roadster, Panoz Gtr-1, or Ford Mustang. Go to
the part on the map where there is a white squiggly road. Your car should be
facing down that hill. Go straight down the hill in front of you and stop once you
reach the grass. If you went the correct way, turn around so that you are facing
the hill that you came down. Next, back-up through the yellow "signs" slightly.
Then, drive very fast up that hill in the middle. When halfway to the top, go slightly
to the right. If you are fast enough, you will fly above some buildings and will land
at the next road. If done slightly slower, you will get above them. Release the
accelerator and hold [Space]. You should land on top. Note: This may require a
few attempts.

High flying trucks:
Get in the AmericanLaFrance fire truck and at over 30 mph, hit another truck that
says "Ande's Furniture", "U move"," Big Move", or "Produce" squarely in the rear.
It will flip high into the air.

London: Over twenty flips in the air:
Select the VW New Beetle Dune. Go to the large grassy area that has the pond.
Near the bridge that is over the pond, there is a building that resembles a needle
pointing towards the sky (it has small sloped sides). Go around the large pink
building at full speed and face the needle building. Accelerate and hit the needle
building from a side and you will start to flip rapidly. You will keep flipping until you
land on your wheels.

San Francisco: Highest jump:
When you start, follow the road that goes along the seaside until you see a sign
that is yellow with a big crab. Turn left onto another road, and follow it. You should
start to see signs that read "Tower" along the road. Gain speed and keep going
straight. Break through the barrier, and fly.

San Francisco: Farthest jump:
Select the Panoz GTR-1. Go to the winding red road that has flowers around it; on
the map in the lower right hand corner, it will look like a winding green road. Go
up the path and go down the other side, all the way to the tunnel in the grass. Turn
around and drive up the steep incline. Note: You can go off the jump at an angle to
land inside a group of buildings. It is impossible to get out from inside.

San Francisco: Land on the rooftop:
Go to the bus terminal-like building. Get to the upper level and turn. Depending on
how you got there, it will take a while to learn which window at either end of the
building to smash. If you hit the correct one, you will fly onto a roof.

San Francisco: Hidden area:
Select the Panoz GTR-1. Drive as fast as you can down the Golden Gate bridge.
Once you hit about 200 mph, your car will start to bump on the road. There is a
spot in the road to the right at the end of the bridge where it will shoot you up in
the air if hit just right. This will shoot you over the tunnel. You can then drive over
the hill and out into a huge open area that you are not supposed to be able to
reach. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Quicker angle movement:
Press V for the external view. Then hold [Shift] while moving cam view from "side
to side", "up and down", and "far and near" with [Insert], [Delete], [Home], [End],
[Page Up], and [Page Down]. When holding [Shift], it speeds up the rotation of the

Change your "V" view:
During game play, press V to initiate that camera view that lets you see your car,
but not what is in front of you. Then, you can rotate, flip, and zoom in by pressing
[Insert], [Delete], [Home], [End], [Page Up], and [Page Down]. Some will allow
you to zoom in, zoom out, rotate your view of your car 360 degrees, and to flip
the world so you can see the underside of the ground, and also zoom out and
rotate your view so that it is directly looking down on your car, thus creating a
helicopter view.

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