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Mega Man X8 cheat codes PC cheats

Mega Man X8 cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Mega Man X8 cheats

 Date: 2006-01-18
 Submitted by: Hunter

  Mega Man X8 cheats

Axl's White Armor:
Finish the game with all of Axl's metals and use Axl to defeat the final
Boss with a double attack.

X's Ultimate Armor:
Finish the game with all of X's metals and all eight armor pieces.

Zero's Black Armor:
Finish the game with all of Zero's metals.

Zero's Sigma-Blade:
Finish the game and load your cleared saved file. You can buy Zero's
Sigma-Blade at the R&D Lab.

Extra playable characters:
Finish the game and load your saved file. The navigator used most to
finish the levels will be unlocked (Alia, Layer, or Palette).
Alia properties like X with an X-buster, but cannot use armor pieces.
Layer properties like Zero with a Z-saber.
Palette properties like Axl, but has no DNA-copy abilities.

Alternate ending:
The character that kills Lumine (Axl, X, or Zero) will determine which ending
sequence appears.

Getting metals easy:
1.) You need some Life Tank.
2.) Spend all of your Metals until you have less than 50.
3.) Then buy the Life Charge Chip.
4.) In normal case, you can't buy Chip, if you have less than 50 metals.
5.) If the trick works, the Metal counter will be confuse.
6.) Now, you can buy anything waht you want in the Lab.
7.) If you take any Metal on a stage, the conter will jump to the top (9999999).
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