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Fly cheat codes PC cheats

Fly cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Fly cheats

 Date: 2002-09-17
 Submitted by: Vader
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  Fly cheats

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Be sure to contact ATIS at the airport from which you're
taking off to file your flight plan and start the chain
of air-traffic-control steps that will guide you to your

To learn the art of navigation without relying on GPS,
start with a short flight between two nearby airports
and concentrate on learning the VOR and DME equipment.
Then plan longer flights with multiple waypoints.

Tune your radio:
Open the Vector Map (Shift-M) to get an overhead view of
your position. Click airports and nav aids to bring up
their info boxes and then click the radio frequencies in
the box to tune your radio automatically.
Kick out dead weight:
The default loadout for each aircraft is a passenger in
every seat and fully loaded baggage compartments.
Kick some of this dead weight out to make your plane
lighter and more responsive and to get more mileage

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