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FIFA 2005 cheat codes PC cheats

FIFA 2005 cheats and cheat codes for PC

 FIFA 2005 cheats

 Date: 2007-10-26
 Submitted by: Abby

  FIFA 2005 cheats

My FIFA store points:
Finish the following tasks to earn points at the My FIFA store.

Beat the English Cup: 1,000 points
Beat the F.A. Premier League: 1,500 points
Beat the Football League 1: 500 points
Beat the Football League 2: 500 points
Beat the Football League Championship: 750 points
Beat the Scottish Premier League: 750 points
Finish the 5 Minute challenge: 750 points
Finish the Hat Trick challenge: 500 points
Finish the Underdog challenge: 500 points
Win the LDV Vans Trophy: 500 points
Win the League Cup: 750 points
Win the Scottish Cup: 500 points

Start as 5 star team in career mode:
Complete the challenges set to unlock career teams in the My Fifa menu.
Now you can start as 5 star team.

Win everything in manager mode with any team:
Select a team, after begin your career. Save the game. Select "Next Match",
after choose "Quick Sim". Win the match, then save the game. If you lose,
return the previously saved game file. You will have as many chances
as you want against a team. The outcome will vary randomly every time.
Save your progress after every win.

Fifa Fan Shop unlockables:
Get 5000 points: Career Teams
Get 2500 points: Classic XI
Get 500 points: Funny SFX
Get 750 points: Blue Football
Get 750 points: Brown Football
Get 750 points: Gold Football
Get 750 points: Grey Football
Get 750 points: Orange Football
Get 750 points: Red Football
Get 750 points: Silver Football
Get 750 points: Yellow Football
Get 1250 points: Manchester United 3rd Kit
Get 1000 points: Overhead camera
Get 1500 points: Player Celebrations Pack 1
Get 1750 points: Player Celebrations Pack 2
Get 750 points: Stadium Pack 1
Get 1000 points: Stadium Pack 2
Get 1250 points: Stadium Pack 3
Get 1500 points: Stadium Pack 4
Get 750 points: Traditonal Football
Get 2500 points: World XI

Full stat team:
Editing each players stats and upgrade them to the 99.
Note: If you begin with this team in manager mode, your salary will be high.
Cut their contracts down asap.

Restore team health in manager mode:
If your players energy bar decreased after a match, save your career, then
jump back to the main menu. Re-load your saved career to restore your team
health. Note: This may not work at the 1st time. Save and reload the game
about one or two times for it to work.

Changing teams in category:
When you start a new season and cannot find the team, go back then enter that
category again. The teams will change.

Team selection in career mode:
If you cannot find your team in a region in career mode, choose that team as
your "Own Team" in your profile in My FIFA 2005. You will then find that team
listed first in its current region.

Change control C in the place of Q - I's better to play with a key board.
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