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FIFA 2002 cheat codes PC cheats

FIFA 2002 cheats and cheat codes for PC

 FIFA 2002 cheats

 Date: 2003-02-09
 Submitted by: 4li3N

  FIFA 2002 cheats

This is a fifty fifty chance of getting a goal,you run and stop around in
the circle (midfeild) then you shoot about your 70-80% of power and you
might get a goal if you're lucky do it alot of times then you know
the trick.

Easy goal:

When your in the goal wait for the goal keeper come running to you and
when he is half way (between you an the goal) tap the shot button
(not hold it) and it will go over the goal keeper and you get a GOAL !


When you go to goal Shoot from little space of Center
Circle by 50-60% of your power ( depend to your shoot
power ). The ball goes on LAND to the Goal and the keeper
can not keep it and you have GAOL. you will win using this
tip more so you have more goals.

Notic: "If they have SW he may get the ball before the ball
goes to keeper."

Game tip:
Submited by: Zoran Milutinovic
E-mail : zzamm@ptt.yu

When you run towards the goal wait for your players to go way
ahead of you, or even better when you are on your half go back
to opponents part of the center court circle and then press the
shot(d) key. Your player will kick the ball high towads your
Then tap the shot button couple of times while the ball is still
in the air, and you will se your player giving a very, very
attractive goal (bicycle kick).
Word of caution: If you are not on the opponents half when you
first time press the shot button your player will just shot the
ball towards the goal with no effect.
Score a lot of attractive goals!

Game tip:
Tip submited by: Zoran Milutinovic

When your' player has the ball on half court go a little to
the goal and then shoot towards the goal with about half the
power of the shoot. In about 60% of cases the ball will
thumblle beside or even under the goalkeeper!
Give a lot of goals!!!



Extra Tournaments:
Win AFC World Cup Qualification to get :
Asian Nations Cup mode and a picture of Myung Bo
Hong (South Korea)

Win UEFA World Cup Qualification mode to get:
European Championship mode and a picture of Francesco
Totti (Italy)

Win CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification mode to get :
Copa America mode and a picture of Roberto Carlos (Brazil)

Win CONCACAF World Cup Qualification mode to get :
Gold Cup mode and a picture of Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Holland)

Win EFA mode to get :
A picture of Nuno Gomez (Portugal)

Win European Championship Cup mode to get :
A picture of Iker Casillas (Spain)

European Chamipionship mode to get :
A picture of Thierry Henry (France)

Copa America mode to get :
A picture of Henrik Larsson (Sweden)

Gold Cup mode to get :
A picture of Thomasz Rodzinski (Canada)

Win all modes above to get :
FIFA Confederation's Cup mode and a picture of
Steve Marlet (France(computer done)) shooting and
FIFA 2002 writing below him, with stars around

Win the following events to unlock the indicated
player picture:

AFC World Cup qualification: Myung Bo Hong
UEFA World Cup qualification: Francesco Totti
CONMEBOL World Cup qualification: Roberto Carlos
CONCACAF World Cup qualification: Ruud Van Nistelrooy
EFA: Nuno Gomez
European Championship Cup: Iker Casillas
European Championship: Thierry Henry
Copa America: Henrik Larsson
Gold Cup: Thomasz Rodzinski
FIFA Confederations: Steve Marlet

Bonus tournaments:
Win the following World Cup qualifications to unlock
the bonus tournaments:

AFC : Asians Nations Cup
CONCACAF: Copa America
UEFA : European Championships(Euro 2004)

Complete all rewards except the last locked one to
unlock the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Game tip:
If one has cash problems and player wants to sell,
one should place first the values of the players on
the highest level, since with the abilities also the
transfer value rises.
After the sales one knows the values simply again reset.

Easy win:
If you are losing a game in world class mode,
pause game play. Choose "Side Select" from the
options menu, then move your controller under
our opponent's name. Then, score your own goals
as that team.

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