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Captain Claw cheat codes PC cheats

Captain Claw cheats and cheat codes for PC

 Captain Claw cheats

 Date: 2007-09-19
 Submitted by: Abby

  Captain Claw cheats

Tpye the following codes while playing:

Code - Effect
mpwimpy - Harder to kill enemies with the sword
mpvader - Invincibility
mpupdate - View update data in top left corner
mptopless - Toggle foreground
mptiming - View timing data in top left corner
mpsuperthrow - Super throw mode
mpstopwatch - Time displayed in bottom left corner
mpspooky - Claw is invisible to enemies
mpskinner - Advance to the Boss
mpshadow - Claw is a shadow
mpscully - Level skip
mpscorpio - Scorpio information
mproids - Enable Roids
mprambo - Maximum ammo
mppyro - Maximum dynamite
mpprev - Previous level
mppos - Shows global position
mpplayallday - Unlimited lives
mppenguin - Ice sword
mpobjects - Show objects in bottom left corner
mpnoinfo - Toggle onscreen information
mpnippy - Jump higher
mpnext - Level skip
mpmoongoodies - Bouncing treasure
mpmidless - Toggle middle plane
mpmetrix - Unknown
mpmerlin - Maximum magic
mploaded - Maximum ammunition
mplith, mplogo, or mpmonolith - Monolith logos and music
mpkfa - God mode
mpjordan or mpflubber - Super jump mode
mpjazzy - 320x200 resolution
mpinfinity - Unlimited lives
mpincvid - Increase screen resolution
mphotstuff - Fire sword
mphaunted - Turn enemies into ghosts
mpgoble - Goble information
mpgandalf - Maximum Magic
mpfreak - Catnip
mpfranklin - Lightning sword
mpfps - View frame rate
mpdevheads - Developers heads appear instead of treasure
mpdefvid - Default screen resolution
mpdecvid - Decrease screen resolution
mpcasper - Invisibility
mpbunz - Stronger Claw
mpbotless - Toggle background
mpblaster - Maximum dynamite
mparmor - Enable anti-death tile
mpapple - Maximum health

Just type the following codes during game.

MPGANDOLF - Full Magic
MPCULTIST - Up enemy strength a lot
MPCHEESESAUCE - Takes you to level 1
MPEXACTLY - Takes you to level 2
MPRACEROHBOY - Takes you to level 3
MPBUDDYWHAT - Takes you to level 4
MPMUGGER - Takes you to level 5
MPGOOFCYCLE - Takes you to level 6
MPROTARYPOWER - Takes you to level 7
MPSHIBSHANK - Takes you to level 8
MPWHYZEDF - Takes you to level 9
MPSUPERHAWK - Takes you to level 10
MPJOBNUMBER - Takes you to level 11
MPLISTENANDLEARN - Takes you to level 12
MPYEAHRIGHT - Takes you to level 13
MPCLAWTEAMRULEZ - Takes you to level 14
MPSCORPIO - Just make some text come up, nothing else happens
MPGOBLE - Just make some text come up, nothing else happens
MPMOULDER - Takes you to the previous level
MPSKINNER - Takes you to the boss of the level (if there is one)

These cheats you can only use with Version 1.2:
Just type the following codes during game.

MPGLOOMY - Everything is black & white, like an old TV!
MPNOISE - Plays the next sound effect
MPMAESTRO - Speeds up music
MPLANGSAM - Slows down music
MPNORMALMUSIC - Normal music speed
MPLONGRANGE - Increase Claw's hit rect for long range attacks
MPBOUNCECOUNT - Displays enemy bounce counter
MPWILDWACKY - Claw will now be moving around upside-down!
MPEASYMODE - Easy mode

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