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Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories cheat codes Sony PSP cheats

Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories cheats and cheat codes for Sony PSP

 Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories cheats

Sony PSP
 Date: 2007-09-26
 Submitted by: Abby

  Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories cheats

Press the following button combinations during game play:

Effect - Code
Weapons (tier 3) - Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, O, Left, Right
Weapons (tier 2) - Left, Right, Square, Up, Down, Triangle, Left, Right
Weapons (tier 1) - Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Square, Left, Right
Wanted level does not rise - Up, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Left, X, X
Sunny weather - Left, Down, R, L, Right, Up, Left, O
Spawn Rhino tank - Up, L, Down, R, Left, L, Right, R
Slower game play - Left, Left, O, O, Down, Up, Triangle, X
Raise wanted level - Up, Right, Square, Square, Down, Left, O, O
Rainy weather - Left, Down, L, R, Right, Up, Left, Triangle
Pedestrians riot - R, L, L, Down, Left, O, Down, L
Pedestrians have weapons - Up, L, Down, R, Left, O, Right, Triangle
Pedestrians attack - Down, Triangle, Up, X, L, R, L, R
Overcast weather - Left, Down, L, R, Right, Up, Left, Square
Refill health - Up, Down, Left, Right, O, O, L, R
Foggy weather - Left, Down, Triangle, X, Right, Up, Left, L
Faster game time - R, L, L, Down, Up, X, Down, L
Faster game play - Left, Left, R, R, Up, Triangle, Down, X
Destroy all cars - L, R, R, Left, Right, Square, Down, R
Clear weather - Left, Down, R, L, Right, Up, Left, X
Armor - Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Square,L, R
$250,000 - Up, Down, Left, Right, X, X, L, R
Kill yourself - Right, Right, O, O, L, R, Down, X
Better handling vehicles - Down, Left, Up, L, R, Triangle, O, X
Spawn Trashmaster - Down, Up, Right, Triangle, L, Triangle, L, Triangle
Cars avoid you - Up, Up, Right, Left, Triangle, O, O, Square
Black traffic - L, R, L, R, Left, O, Up, X
Chrome traffic - Right, Up, Left, Down, Triangle, Triangle, L, R
Pedestrians follow you - Down, Up, Right, L, L, Square, Up, L

Get $50000 left,right,up,x
Never wanted x,o,R1,left,right
weapon 1 left,triagle,o,L1
Weapon 2 R1,x,x,up,left
Weapon 3 R1,L1,triangel,down,x,x
Girl\'s follow you o,R1,L1,x,o,rectangel
Guys follow you Rectangel,L1,o,x,x
Armor o,o,x,R1,triangel,rectangel,L1
Destroy all cars L1,x,x,o,R1,rectangel
Healty down,up,o,right,x,x L1,left
To Get The Tank press up.L down R,left L,right R


spawn rhino(tank):up.L1,down,R1,left,L1,right,R1
never wanted:up,right,triangle,triangle,down,left,x,x
wanted level up:up,right,square,square,down,left,circle,circle
get 250000 dollars:up,down,left,right,x,x,L1,R1
destroy all cars:L1,R1,R1,left,right,square,down,R1

Note: If the code is accepted, you will see a message.

Unlock costumes
Finish the indicated missions or complete the indicated tasks to
unlock new costumes at your safe house:

Finish the "Last Stand" mission - Unlock Army Fatigues
Finish the "Conduct Unbecoming" mission - Unlock Casual
Finish the Umberto "Strand" mission - Unlock Cuban style
Buy a "High Roller" protection racket building - Unlock Hired muscle
Buy a "High Roller" robbery building - Unlock Hood
Buy a "High Roller" prostitution building - Unlock Leisure
Buy a "High Roller" loan shark building - Unlock Mr. Repo
Buy a "High Roller" drug dealing building - Unlock Pastel suit
Finish all missions for all six empire types - Unlock Smart suit
Buy a "High Roller" smuggling building - Unlock Smuggler
Buy a "High Roller" drug dealing building - Unlock Track suit
Finish the "D.I.V.O.R.C.E" mission - Unlock Trailer trash
Win all eight Jetski races on the Jetski at the film studios - Unlock Wetsuit
Finish the "Last Stand" mission - Unlock Winner's Outfit

Secret balloon rewards
Pop the indicated number of secret balloons to unlock the rewards
at your safe house:

Pop 10 balloons - Get Pistol
Pop 20 balloons - Get Scorpion
Pop 30 balloons - Get Stubby Shotgun
Pop 40 balloons - Get Molotov Cocktails
Pop 50 balloons - Get AK-47
Pop 60 balloons - Get Armor
Pop 70 balloons - Get Flamethrower
Pop 80 balloons - Get Equalizer scoped pistol
Pop 90 balloons - Get Sniper Rifle
Pop 99 balloons - Get M249 machine gun

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