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New Super Mario Bros. cheat codes Nintendo DS cheats

New Super Mario Bros. cheats and cheat codes for Nintendo DS

 New Super Mario Bros. cheats

Nintendo DS
 Date: 2007-09-26
 Submitted by: Hunter

  New Super Mario Bros. cheats

Special BG Patterns + Save anywhere option:
Win the game once

Unlimited Toad-House Items:
Finish every stage, including lettered extra stages

Unlock Worlds:

Warp Cannon to World 7 - Finish alternate route in World 4s Ghost House
World 4 - Beat the boss of World 2 with mini Mario
World 7 - Beat the boss of World 5 with mini Mario
World 8 - Beat the boss of World 6 with Mega Mario

Unlock Final BG Wallpaper:
Finish all stage exits and open every map path

Unlock Luigi in Single Player mode:
Go to the "Select A File" screen. Then highlight a saved file, after
hold down R + L and press A button.

Unlock Secret challenge mode
After finished the game. Start a new game file, afrer go to the world map
and pause the game. Press here L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y. You will see a
message if you typed correctly.

Getting an extra life
Accumulate 100 Coins to get a bonus life.

Warp From World 1 to World 5
Enter the World 1 Tower with a Blue Shell Powerup. When you get to the
First pipe cannon, go back down the chute and enter the door. you will
see Lots of Moving Platforms. There is a Gap in the Upper-Left Hand
Corner that is big enough for you to go though. Go through it. You
should see 3 blue Breakable Blocks. Use your Shell power to break them,
because they will block a one-brick tall gap. Go through the gap.
Continue and Finish the Level Though the Alternate Exit to unlock the path
to the World 5 cannon. Enter it, and you will be shot to World 5. (Note:
you will have to beat Bowser Jr. to advance Any further in World 1.

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